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FIABCI The International Real Estate Federation

FIABCI is the International Real Estate Federation. Kruger and Company has been a decorated member of FIABCI for several years.

FIABCI is a multi-discipline, networking organization for all professionals associated with real estate transactions. They provide information, connections and concierge services to help expand a global network.  With members in more than 50 countries and World, Regional and National Congresses throughout the year, members travel and meet like-minded professionals of the highest caliber anywhere in the world. FIABCI also enjoys Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Closer to home, FIABCI-USA has active Councils in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Florida, Houston, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC. Membership has extensive experience in dealing with both in-bound and out-bound cross border transactions. Most importantly, the FIABCI ethic is one of sharing. FIABCI offers mentors to real estate professionals who are more than willing to give you a hand up in expanding business and attracting international clients.

FIABCI-USA also enjoys the full support of the following high-caliber real estate associations.

Information compliments of FIABCI-USA website.

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