FIABCI The International Real Estate Federation

International Real Estate Agent & FIABCI Member Ruth Kruger

FIABCI is the International Real Estate Federation that was founded in Paris, France in 1951 to serve as a real estate and development networking organization for real estate agents and other associated professionals from around the world.. Kruger and Company has been a decorated member of FIABCI for several years.

This multi-discipline organization for all professionals associated with real estate transactions offers education on conducting international real estate transactions and a platform for sharing information and conducting international business among members. With members in more than 50 countries and World, Regional and National Congresses throughout the year, members travel and meet like-minded professionals of the highest caliber anywhere in the world. FIABCI also enjoys Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Furthermore FIABIC holds an International Ethics Standards Coalition that is approved by the Principles of the UN Global Compact. Members agree to honor this code of ethics creating a society of trusted partners to conduct transactions across borders and cultural boundaries.

In the United States, FIABCI-USA has active Councils in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Florida, Houston, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC. When working with a client to move to and purchase a home in a new part of the country FIABCI-USA members can utilize their member network to confidently work with an agent they have never met before to find a property for their client. Having this resource has proved invaluable for members and their clients to conduct business across state lines in a time-effective and trustworthy manner thanks to the commitment to excellence that members are held to.

The international education offers a skillset to brokers that would be nearly impossible to cultivate through experience alone. Knowing the details of how other countries conduct real estate transactions allows an international real estate broker go guide you confidently on where and how to invest. Additionally, the cultural experience gleaned from attending the international congresses and networking with professionals from other countries allows your broker to navigate the foreign etiquette pitfalls that could derail a deal if not followed.

For developers looking to build in foreign countries working with a FIABCI certified international real estate agent will not only help you broker the deal for the property but will give you access to a network of architects, investors, managers, local authorities and more to allow you to move through the processes of permitting, designing, financing, finding local contractors and more. The value of these connections would be hard to put a price tag on as you can move more quickly through the system, work with trusted partners and more readily find local labor force.

Ruth Kruger is an international real estate agent and FIABCI member based in Aspen, Colorado. She is also a former U.S. President and International Board Member of FIABIC. She has the education, experience and connection to broker your next international deal.

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