The Chris Klug Foundation: Bridging Hope and Health in Aspen

Chris Klug Foundation LogoNestled in the heart of the picturesque Aspen Valley is a beacon of hope and resilience – The Chris Klug Foundation. Established by Olympic snowboarder Chris Klug, this non-profit organization has become an integral part of the Aspen community, dedicated to raising awareness about organ and tissue donation. As we explore the vibrant tapestry of Aspen’s local non-profits, let’s delve into the inspiring journey of the Chris Klug Foundation, its founder, impactful events, and the transformative work it undertakes.

Founder’s Vision:

Chris Klug RacingThe Chris Klug Foundation was born from the personal triumph and challenges faced by its visionary founder, Chris Klug. A celebrated Olympic athlete, Klug faced a life-threatening situation when he was diagnosed with a rare liver disease at the peak of his snowboarding career. A liver transplant not only saved his life but also ignited his passion for organ donation advocacy. Klug’s experience serves as a powerful testament to the foundation’s mission – to spread awareness and encourage individuals to become organ and tissue donors. His deep-rooted connection to Aspen adds a local touch to the foundation’s global impact.

Signature Events:

Picture of a Chris Klug Foundation EventThe foundation organizes a series of signature events that bring the Aspen community together in support of its noble cause. One such event is the annual Aspen Summit for Life. This unique nighttime uphill race up Aspen Mountain not only challenges participants physically but also symbolizes the uphill battle faced by those awaiting organ transplants. The event serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of organ donation, attracting both locals and visitors to participate in this memorable experience.

Additionally, the Chris Klug Foundation hosts the Donor Dudes Golf Classic, combining philanthropy with the scenic beauty of Aspen’s golf courses. This event not only raises funds for the foundation’s initiatives but also fosters a sense of community involvement. The carefully curated events not only reflect the foundation’s dedication to its cause but also add a vibrant and engaging element to Aspen’s non-profit landscape.

Impactful Work:

Beyond its events, the Chris Klug Foundation actively engages in a range of initiatives to promote organ and tissue donation. The foundation collaborates with schools, businesses, and community organizations, conducting educational programs to dispel myths and encourage open conversations about the importance of donation. By fostering partnerships with healthcare institutions, the foundation works towards ensuring streamlined processes for organ transplants and improving access to life-saving procedures.

The Aspen community benefits directly from the foundation’s outreach efforts, creating a ripple effect of awareness and empathy. The foundation’s impact goes beyond geographical boundaries, as it collaborates with national organizations to advocate for policy changes that facilitate organ donation and transplantation.


In the heart of Aspen’s non-profit landscape, the Chris Klug Foundation stands as a symbol of resilience, hope, and community engagement. Founded by a local hero, the foundation’s events not only captivate the spirit of Aspen but also contribute to a global movement for organ and tissue donation awareness. As the foundation continues to weave its narrative of hope, it remains an integral part of the Aspen community, showcasing the power of individuals coming together for a noble cause. Whether scaling Aspen Mountain during Summit for Life or enjoying a round of golf at the Donor Dudes Golf Classic, the foundation’s presence in Aspen is a testament to the community’s commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

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