FIABCI USA News-60 Years of Consulting with the UN

Posted by Ruth Kruger on July 24, 2014

FIABCI celebrates 60 years of consulting with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

On July 21, 1954 FIABCI obtained Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations. For 60 years now FIABCI has contributed to the development of the property profession through working with ECOSOC and other branches of the UN including UN Habitat, the Economic Commission for Europe and most recently the UN Global Compact.

Below is a copy of our newsletter from 1999 celebrating the annual UN Luncheon – a tradition that will continue next spring.

FIABCI Mission Statement

To open the international community to our members on a local, national and international level so that they may develop a broad base of rea estate contacts that will translate into increased business opportunities and ultimately financial success.

Another Sold Out UN Luncheon

In conjunction with our fall business meetings in New York, FIABCI-USA held its annual luncheon October 14, 1999 at the United Nations, featuring special keynote speaker Ambassador David Aaron, Under Secretary for International Trade, U.S. Dept. Of Commerce.

The annual luncheon celebrates FIABCI-USA’s Special Category II Consulting Status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. More than 120 FIABCI-USA members and their guests listened as Ambassador Aaron discussed the importance of international housing finance, and stressed the role of real estate services in the global economy.

“International trade has been responsible for one third of the total growth of the U.S. economy, and has tripled since 1986,” Aaron said. “The trade deficit last year was $170,000 billion and would have been much worse without services,” which includes real estate. Aaron, a strong advocate for home ownership, acknowledged the important role the real estate industry has played and will continue to play in the international market. “Home ownership has been called the American Dream…and I want to talk to you today about exporting that dream to the rest of the world. Home ownership is an investment in society. So, if we facilitate home ownership among our trading partners, we contribute to the democratization efforts and to strengthening their societies.”

Aaron went on to say that factors such as the increased annual population growth of some larger countries like Brazil, China, and India along with the increased integration of the European Union will all figure significantly into the changing landscape of buying, selling, and financing homes around the world. He urged the audience to pay attention not only to the emerging markets but to our long standing trading partners as well.

Ambassador Aaron also provided attendees and FIABCI-USA members with a handout that summarizes contact information and ways the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration can help you and your U.S. clients in business outside the U.S.

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